Game Review: Mevo and The Grooveriders (+ Download Link)


Game Details:

  • 15 funky levels with original music
  • Simple left and right tap controls
  • Customize Mevo for special power-ups
  • Captivating gameplay for all music lovers
  • Play Mevo and the Grooveriders free today

Game Description

Bring the funk back to the universe in Mevo and the Grooveriders, a fantastic intergalactic voyage of rhythm and melody!

In the outer reaches of the galaxy, there exists a race evolved from music itself known as EVOs. They adore music and likewise music loves them back. As a celebration to mark the birth of music begins, Mevo and the Grooveriders take center stage to drop funky beats but little do they know that Silence is plotting to make all sound disappear. Just as the music is about to begin, Silence strikes and all sound across the universe goes missing, including the Grooveriders. Now it’s up to Mevo to find his friends, restore music and defeat Silence.

Help Mevo travel the galaxy and conquer five psychedelic worlds as you use your rhythm and timing to march to the beats. Simple left and right taps guide Mevo along his course where you can string together combos to unlock rewards and special areas. Custom outfits will provide power-ups to make this voyage easier but only by mastering the music can you hope to reunite the band and bring back the funk.

Find out why critics are calling Mevo and the Grooveriders “wacky, addictive and challenging, and is sure to amuse and entertain for many toe-tappingly hours”. Try the free download version or play the full unlimited version today and get your groove on!


Mevo & The Grooveriders bisa dibilang Dance Dance Revolution versi tangan/jari.
Ada yang pernah main Tap a Jam? Nah, Mevo & The Grooveriders bisa dibilang satu tipe lah. Cuma bedanya,  Mevo & The Grooveriders cuma memakai 2 tombol keyboard (yang bisa kita atur sesuai selera), sedangkan Tap a Jam menggunakan 4 tombol keyboard.
Lagu-lagu/musik-musiknya menurutku cukup asik kok. Meskipun ada beberapa yang nggak terlalu catchy, tapi game ini tetep pantes buat dimainin. 🙂

Di game ini, kita punya avatar (My Mevo) yang bisa di-customize sendiri.


Saya main baru sampai Desert.. -_- hehe.. abisnya susah sih.

Another ScreenShots:


Ratings: 8/10


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One Response to Game Review: Mevo and The Grooveriders (+ Download Link)

  1. I miss this game so much ! thank for share bro !

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