Game Review: M.U.G.E.N (+ Download Link)

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Hari ini saya akan membahas dan mereview fighting game bernama M.U.G.E.N.

tutorial mugen 6

Game Play: (source: wikipedia)

The engine uses 4 directional keys along with 7 buttons for gameplay (X, Y, Z, A, B, C and Start), in order to accommodate six-button fighters which use three punches, three kicks and a start button. However, characters do not necessarily use all seven buttons, nor need to follow a traditional six- or four-button format.

At most, two human players can control characters, with others being controlled by the engine’s AI (including Watch Mode, a demo mode where the computer controls all characters). In addition, several gameplay modes are available via the main menu.

The main mode of play is Arcade mode, where a character fights random characters as in other fighter games or use a coding to decide order. There are also three different kinds of Team modes: Single, Simul, and Turns. A fourth mode, Tag, is listed in the EXE along with two related script controllers, but was never used. In Team mode, either side can use any of the team modes. Single is identical to not having a team, Simul gives that side a computer-controlled partner who fights simultaneously, and Turns uses a different character for each round of play, varying from a set number usually from 2 to 4 different characters in a row. If set, the characters’ starting life will be adjusted according to the number of players on each side. If one side has two characters and the other has only one in one of the Team modes, the side with two characters will each have half their respective normal maximum life values. Pre-WinM.U.G.E.N versions of the engine could have this feature adjusted or disabled via the options screen or the config file, but due to the nature of the hack, the option has not yet been reactivated. Team Co-op is similar to Simul, except both human players fight on the same side at the same time.

In Survival mode, there is an endless stream of opponents, fighting them either one by one or two in a Simul match. The objective is to beat as many opponents as possible, with the game ending when the player’s character or team is defeated. The player can choose to play alone or in Simul or Turns mode, though Single Player mode gives the highest life and life recovered at the end of each round won. Survival mode was the last addition done to the engine. As such, it is not present in any of the DOS versions of M.U.G.E.N.

Game M.U.G.E.N atau yang lebih sering disebut MUGEN ini adalah game PC yang dibuat oleh Elecbyte pada tahun 1999. Sejak saat itu, game ini makin digemari orang – orang, dan game ini menjadi terkenal. Menurut saya, game ini sangat seru. Bagi readers yang suka fighting game, game ini harus kalian coba.

Di game ini, kita bisa bermain dengan tokoh – tokoh videogames, film, dll yang kita sukai. Seperti Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, Spiderman, Venom, Master Chief,  dll. Mereka semua masing – masing mempunyai jurus -jurus yang digunakan untuk bertarung melawan musuh. Sayangnya, kita harus mendownload sendiri character yang ingin kita pakai di dalam game MUGEN. (Untuk tutorial cara menginstall character, klik di sini).

Selain character, kita juga dapat mendownload stage yan digunakan untuk tempat bertarung. Tetapi kita harus menginstall stage itu juga. Nanti akan saya ajarkan cara menginstall MUGEN stage.

Nah, mari kita mulai membahas gameplay dari game MUGEN ini.

Game MUGEN ini gameplaynya sangat bagus dan seru menurut saya. Di dalam pertarungan, kita bisa menggunakan jurus yang hebat dengan menggunakan Energy Bar. Setiap character mempunyai jumlah energy yang berbeda beda. Biasanya mereka mempunyai 3 energies. Tetapi juga ada yang mempunyai 5 energies, 10 energies, etc.

Screenshots :

Mugen 1 Mugen 2 Mugen 3 Mugen 4 Mugen 5 Mugen 6

Overall, game ini sangat seru dan patut dicoba bagi readers yang suka fighting game.

Ratings: 9/10


-MUGEN Download-


-Characters and Stages Download-


Cara Mendownload M.U.G.E.N


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3 Responses to Game Review: M.U.G.E.N (+ Download Link)

  1. Pingback: Tutorial: Cara Menambahkan/Menginstall Characters di M.U.G.E.N | Gasoovies

  2. josh says:

    itu bisa nambahin sound sendiri ga?

    • EvanderReinhard says:

      BIsa, kalau mau nambahin musik masukan ke folder sound, lalu ganti nama musik tersebut. Jangan ganti nama dengan menggunakan spasi , contoh : Kalau mau ganti nama lagu ” Canon In D rock version.mp3 ” di folder sound ganti nama dengan tidak menggunakan spasi , seperti ini ” CanonRock.mp3″. Di mugen juga bisa menggunakan file dalam bentuk midi.
      Kalau mau nambahin musik, buka aja di folder sound tersu masukin musiknya ke folder tersebut, lalu buka folder stages folder mugen. Lalu buka saja file stages tersebut ( FIlenya berbentuk “def” file). Lalu cari bagian ” bg music “. Lalu tinggal ketik di sebelah sama dengan ” sound/namamusicyangdiganti.mp3″.

      Seperti ini :
      ” bg music = sound/CanonRock.mp3 ”

      Kalau mau membuat musik itu menjadi lebih keras, ganti saja bgvolumenya , misal dari 300 kita ganti menjadi 500.
      Kalau masih bingung bisa tanya lagi..

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